Your Support Keeps AlMaghrib Growing

Your Support Keeps AlMaghrib Growing

We continue to seek new ways to bring authentic Islamic knowledge with the highest preparation and presentation to the Muslim ummah.

And alhamdulillah, we have been incredibly blessed to continue to grow the AlMaghrib universe in the past few years beyond single weekend seminars to

  • Virtual live seminars
  • AlMaghrib Online on demand courses with lifetime access
  • Faith Essentials; a comprehensive library of short modules coverings
    subjects that every Muslim needs to know about their faith
  • AlMaghrib in Your Home

    Our pay what you can models for recent courses have made the AlMaghrib experience accessible for thousands of students worldwide.

    The future brings new challenges and opportunities, carrying this knowledge of Islam with the utmost ihsan to a world without borders, and building an institution that will, in sha Allah, continue to be a sadaqa jariyah for us long after we have departed from this world.

    AlMaghrib Institute is a registered nonprofit educational institution.